Here are some top tips to help you in choosing a plumber you will want to go back to again the next time your home has a plumbing problem: 

  • - Do not wait until you have an emergency, you want to plan ahead to find a plumber that meets all your needs and you should start looking before you actually have a plumbing problem. Then you'll be prepared and know just who to call when your toilet wont flush  or a pipes leaking. The problems are not always going to happen nice and orderly unfortunately between the hours of nine to five, in fact sods law dictates its almost certain to happen from 9pm to 5am! …. So you want to make sure the plumber has full 24 hour coverage care in case of an all out plumbing emergency, be sure to ask if additional charges are involved for this service. 
  • - Consider the costs. You want to find a good plumber, but you also want to find one that you can afford. You should not necessarily choose the plumber that is least expensive (often get what you pay for in all walks of life!), but you must shop around enough to find someone who really fits your budget. 
  • - Ask about background checks on employees. You’re allowing someone into the home and should be at peace that you can trust them to be there. This practice of checking references will ensure that there will never be a problem.
  • - Determine what type of business you want to work with. Some people are very comfortable working with a family business that is very small. Other people prefer branded companies which are franchised. Know what your style is to reduce the chance of disappointment. 
  • - Meet the plumber in person. Your natural instinct will normally tell you if you are making the right decision. We recommend to listen to those instincts! 
  • - Its unlikely the plumber will live on the same street, but you should ensure they live within close proximity of the community so thyey can understand the specific needs of the area and give that sense of feeling for such things as the local water pressure and other factors that  are best suited to a plumber from within the local community.